TIGP Program on Sustainable Chemical Science & Technology


A total of 20 credit units are required for graduation

Required Courses: Courses to be taken by all students.

  • Introduction to Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology (3 credit units per semester, a total of 6 credit units)
  • Seminar (1 credit unit per semester, a total of 2 credit units)
  • Colloquium (1 credit unit per semester, a total of 2 credit units)
  • Lab Rotation (0 credit unit for two semesters, identify thesis advisor)
  • Elementary Chinese(0 credit unit for two semesters, Required for all international students)

Elective Courses (Core): Select at least one course

  • Advanced Organic Chemistry 
  • Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 
  • Advanced Analytical Chemistry 
  • Advanced Physical Chemistry I 
  • Discussion in Advanced Chemical Biology I

Elective Courses

  • Advanced Physical Chemistry II
  • Advanced Physical Chemistry III
  • Advanced Chemical Biology I
  • Advanced Chemical Biology II
  • Advanced Chemical Kinetics
  • Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Advanced Chemistry of Materials
  • Advanced Group Theory
  • Introduction to Nanotechnology A
  • Introduction to Nanotechnology B
  • Advanced Nanotechnology A
  • Advanced Nanotechnology B
  • Advanced Spectroscopy
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Changes
  • Basic Scientific Writing and Presentation in English
  • Biochemical Analysis
  • Chemical Thermodynamics
  • Chemistry of Natural Products
  • Chromatography
  • Computational Materials Science
  • Computational Quantum Chemistry
  • Computer Modeling for Drug Design
  • Experimental Molecular Biophysics
  • Introduction of Synchrotron & Laser Techniques in Biomedical Research
  • Introduction to Molecular Imaging and Analysis
  • Laser Bio/Nano Science
  • Linear Algebra for Scientist
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Modern Experimental Techniques – Chemistry
  • Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Organometallic Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Principle of Photochemistry
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Research Techniques in Physical Chemistry
  • Seminar on Instrumental Analysis I
  • Seminar on Instrumental Analysis II
  • Special Topic - Into Supramolecular Photo Science
  • The Methods of Computational Chemistry
  • Transferable Skills for Chemists
  • Writing Skills for Chemists
  • Special Topics in Sustainable Nanochemistry

To choose Cross-College courses, please refer to pdf icon