TIGP Program on Sustainable Chemical Science & Technology

Lab Rotation & Thesis Advisor


Lab Rotation

Lab rotation is a required course for every first-year student in the first semester. In the second semester, it is an elective course for students who need it. Once you have identified your thesis advisor, you do not need to do rotation anymore.

Students are required to complete at least 1 but no more than 3 laboratory rotations. Each lab rotation period shall not exceed three months. Students are requested to submit a lab rotation form signed by a lab rotation supervisor to the SCST secretary within two weeks after finishing each lab rotation. The last submission of a lab rotation form should not be later than the final exam week of the second semester.

Students are requested to select lab rotation supervisors from the faculty list of SCST program under the student's academic affiliation or Institute of Chemistry.



Thesis Advisor

 Each student is required to have a full-time professor as his/her thesis advisor before the end of second semester after enrolled in the SCST program.

The thesis advisor must be selected from the faculty list of SCST program under the student's academic affiliation or Institute of Chemistry.

Consultation from the Academic and Student Affairs Committee is available to students who have difficulty identifying a thesis advisor. Before the end of second enrolled semester, students have to submit Agreement form with signature from the thesis advisor to SCST secretary.

If both the student and the original academic advisor mutually terminate the doctoral thesis guidance relationship, the student is required to submit a new agreement form signed by the new doctoral thesis advisor within two months. Those who fail to submit the agreement form will have their stipend temporarily suspended starting from the third month until they find a new advisor (along with submitting a new agreement form). The withheld stipend funds will be reimbursed once the student provides the necessary documentation for the new advisor. If the agreement form is not submitted by the end of the current semester, it is recommended that the student take suspension until they secure a new advisor (with the requirement to submit a new agreement form).