Advanced Chemistry of Materials

Classroom: B105, Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica

Class hour: 14:00-17:00

2/17   Dr. Liu, Ling-Kang download icon download icon
2/24    Dr. Liu, Ling-Kang  download icondownload icon
3/3   Dr. Liu, Ling-Kang  download icondownload icondownload icon
3/10   Dr. Lu, Kuang-Lieh  
3/17  Dr. Lu, Kuang-Lieh  

Ta-Shue Chou Lecture

 Location: Ta-Shue Chou Lecture Hall, B1, IoC. 
3/31  Dr. Sun, Shih-Sheng  
4/7  Dr. Sun, Shih-Sheng  
4/14  Mid-term exam  
4/21   Dr. Lin, Jiann-T'suen  
4/28    Dr. Lin, Jiann-T'suen  
5/5   Dr. Tao, Yu-Tai  download icon
5/12  Dr. Tao, Yu-Tai  download icondownload icon
5/19  Dr. Tao, Yu-Tai  
5/26 Dr. Chen, Chin-Ti  
6/2     Dr. Chen, Chin-Ti  download icon
6/9 Dr. Chen, Chin-Ti


6/16  Final exam