TIGP Program on Sustainable Chemical Science & Technology

 Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology Program

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Required Courses Credits Time Classroom Download
Introduction to SCST II 3 Wednesday
AM 09:00~12:00
B105, IoC, AS download icon
Seminar 1 Wednesday
PM 02:30~04:30
B105, IoC, AS download icon
Colloquium 1 PM 02:30~04:30 Wei-Hau Chang (2021.06.30) download icon
Lab Rotation 0     download icondownload icon
Elementary Chinese II 0

AM 09:00~12:00
PM 02:00~05:00

R207, TIGP T&A Building, AS  
Elective Courses Credits Time Classroom Download
Advanced Chemistry of Materials 3 Tuesday
AM 9:00~12:00
B105, IoC, AS download icon
Computational Materials Science 3 Thursday
AM 09:10-12:00
R311, IAMS  
Advanced Nanotechnology A 3 Wednesday
AM 09:10-12:00
P101, IoP, AS  
Advanced Nanotechnology B 3 Friday
AM 09:30-12:30
P101, IoP, AS  
Advanced Physical Chemistry II 3 Monday
AM 09:10-10:00
AM 10:10-12:00
R121, IAMS  
Experimental Molecular Biophysics 3 Tuesdays
PM 02:00-05:00
(First lesson is on 27 February.)
R102, IBC  
Discussion in Advanced Chemical Biology II 3 Fridays
AM 09:10-12:10
R121, NTU  
Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2 TBC TBC   
Computer Modeling for Drug Design 1 Cancelled Cancelled  
Chemistry of Natural Product 2 TBC TBC   
Advanced Organic Chemistry (II) 3 Tuesday
AM 09:00-12:00
SB203, NCTU  
Research methodology for organic chemistry 2 Monday
PM 2:20~4:20
SB522, NCTU  
Basics for Writing Academic English 3 Wednesday
AM 09:00-12:00
EO615, NCTU  
Molecular Spectroscopy 3 Thursday
PM 1:20-4:20
SB202, NCTU  
Advanced Spectroscopy 3 Friday
AM 09:00-12:00
SB202, NCTU  
Computational Quantum Chemistry 3 Thursday
AM 09:00-12:00
SB202, NCTU  
Fundamental Skills for Chemical Research 2 Tuesday
AM 10:10~12:00
SB201, NCTU  
Laser Manipulation and Fabrication of Organic and Bio Matters 3 Tuesday
PM 1:20~4:20
SC159, NCTU  

*AS = Academia Sinica
*NCTU = National Chiao Tung University
*NTU = National Taiwan University

*IAMS = Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, AS (NTU Campus)
*IoC = Institute of Chemistry, AS
*IoP = Institute of Physics, AS
*IBC = Institute of Biological Chemistry, AS
*HSSB = Humanities and Social Sciences Building, AS