Graduation Requirement

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Minimum Term of Study

Three Years

Minimum Credits for Ph.D. Students Who Have Master’s Degrees 20 Credits
Curriculum and Regulations
  1. Mandatory
    1. Seminar (2 credits)
    2. Colloquium (2 credits)
    3. Lab Rotation (0 credit)
    4. Elementary Chinese I, II (0 credit)
    5. Introduction to Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology I, II (6 credits)。
  2. Elective Courses(Core): Select at least one course
    1. Advanced Organic Chemistry (3 credits)
    2. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3 credits)
    3. Advanced Analytical Chemistry (3 credits)
    4. Advanced Physical Chemistry I (3 credits)
    5. Discussion in Advanced Chemical Biology I (4 credits)
Notes Students should pass the on-line course “Academic Research Ethics Education”. The passing certificate for this course should be submitted to the Department office before applying for the degree exam.