TIGP Program on Sustainable Chemical Science & Technology



pdf iconForm101 Lab Rotation 20150909

pdf iconForm102 Colloquium 20150923

pdf iconForm103 Thesis Advisor 20140909

pdf iconForm104 Change Advisor 20140909

pdf iconForm105 Suspension/Withdraw 20210218

pdf iconForm106 Leave Absence 20191002 (To see the relation between prolonged leave and stipend pdf icon)

pdf iconApplication Form for Exempted Payment of Credit Fees (over 21 credits, not includes 21)

pdf iconCourse Withdrawal Application Form 20210421

pdf iconDelayed Payment of Tuition Fee 20210421

pdf iconDelayed Payment of Credit Fee 20210421 

pdf iconNHI Application Form (Sample pdf iconpdf icon)

pdf iconGraduation Gown Renting Form (beyond deadline)

pdf iconIoC Entrance Card Reapplication

Student ID Card Reapplication: https://it.nycu.edu.tw/it-services-en/general-services/reissuing-ic-card/

Tuition & Credit Fees System: https://portal.nycu.edu.tw/#/login?redirect=%2Flinks%2Fnycu

pdf iconNYCU VPN Service

pdf iconNYCU Portal Instruction

pdf iconNYCU Certificate of Enrollment & Transcript Application Instruction

pdf iconNYCU Departure Declaration Form

pdf iconNYCU Student Leave System


 Qualifying Exam (For Students enrolled in/after Fall 2022)

Click here to see the regulationpdf icon and application formpdf icon

Forms for the oral exam: 

pdf icon1. Grading Sheet for Oral Exam

pdf icon2. Certificate Form for Oral Exam


Oral Defense 

Click here to see the regulations and procedurespdf iconpdf icon

pdf icon1.Oral Defense Application 20210218

pdf icon2.Recommendation_form 20210512

pdf icon3.Thesis Approval Form 20211222

pdf icon4.Grading Sheet 20210512

pdf icon5.Thesis Defense Grading Sheet 20210702

6.Thesis Format Examplepdf iconpdf iconhttps://www.lib.nctu.edu.tw/html/categoryid-24/id-93?lang=en-US

 7Transcript Application: https://portal.nycu.edu.tw/#/login?redirect=%2F

8. Research Ethic Course System: https://ethics.moe.edu.tw/

9. Plagiarism Checker: https://www.lib.nctu.edu.tw/html/categoryid-50/id-346?lang=en-US

10. School-Leaving Systempdf iconhttps://portal.nycu.edu.tw/#/login?redirect=%2Flinks%2Fnycu

11. NYCU Library: https://www.lib.nctu.edu.tw/html/categoryid-24/id-93?lang=en-US

12. Graduation Gown Renting System: https://academicals.nctu.edu.tw/clothes/S_E/s_index.asp

13. TIGP Certificate Application Formpdf icon(Please apply by email: Ms. Angelina Shen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)