Introduction to Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology

2017 fall semester Time: AM9:00-12:00 Location: B105 Classroom
  Topic Lecturer Course Materials and Assignment
1 Importance of Chemistry, Course Expectation, and Literature Search Skill 2017/09/13
Chao, Ito



2 Chemistry Related Global Challenges


3 Sustainability and Green Chemistry 2017/10/18
Chao, Ito
3.1 Spirits

3.2 Principles

3.3 Metrics to Evaluate Greeness and Life Cycle Analysis

3.4 Alternative Reaction Energy Sources (Microwave, Mechano, Ultrasound, Flow...) 2017/11/01
Lin, Chih-Hsiu
*** Mid Term Exam*** 2017/11/08

3.5 Solvents (water, supercritical fluids, ionic liquids, switchable solvents, bio?based solvents...) 2017/11/15
Chein, Rong-Jie
3.6 Catalysis (Heterogeneous, Homogeneous, Phase Transfer, Bio, Photo, and the more recent Organo, Earth Abundant Element...) 2017/11/22 2017/11/29
Chiang, Ming-Hsi
3.7 Basic Toxicology, Bioremediation, and Design Principles for Degradation/Less 2017/12/06
Li, Wen-Shan
3.8 Some Real World Cases in Industry 2017/12/13
Chao, Ito
3.9 Challenges in Green Chemistry

4 Energy Related Technologies

4.1 Photoenergy Related Science and Technologies 2017/12/20
Chen, Chin-Ti
4.2 Fuel Cells, Batteries, Capacitors, and Other Energy Conversion Materials 2017/12/27
Lin, Jiann-T`suen
Yu, Hsiao-hua
4.3 Carbon Capture and Storage 2018/01/03
Lu, Kuang-Lieh
*** Final Exam*** 2018/01/10