Introduction to Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology

2022 spring semester Time: AM 9:10-12:00 Location: B105 Classroom
  Topic Lecturer Course Materials and Assignment
4 Energy Related Technologies

4.1 Applied electrochemistry for energy related technologies (including electrode kinetics) 2022-2-16
Ho, Kuo‐Chuan

4.2 Solar and thermoelectric energy conversion 2022-2-23
Chen, Kuei‐Hsien

4.3 Energy Storage (Lithium ion battery, Flow battery) and Energy Saving Technologies (Photochromic, Electrochromic, Thermochromic) 2022-3-2
Yen, Hung‐Ju
Energy Saving-2022Spring-220302.pdf

Energy Storage-2022Spring-220302-1.pdf

5 Greener Materials

5.1 Chemicals from Different Feedstocks

5.1.2 CO2 and Natural Gas 2022-3-9
Yu, Steve Sheng‐Fa

5.1.3 Biomass 2022-3-16
Chung, Cedric Po‐Wen
2022_3_16 SCST Biomass Lecture_final.pdf

5.2 Degradable Polymers 2022-3-23
Yu, Jia‐Shing

5.3 From Waste to Wealth (CO2; E‐waste; food waste; plastic waste…) 2022-3-30
Yu, Steve Sheng‐Fa

*** Mid‐Term Exam Week*** 2022-4-6

5.4 Bio‐Synthesis 2022-5-11
Wang, Cheng‐Chung

5.5 Green Hydrogen from Sunlight 2022-4-20
Wu, Chi‐Sheng

5.6 Modern theoretical computation applied to energy science 2022-4-27
Wu, David Tai‐Wei
2022 Intro to SCST - Modern Theoretical Computation Applied to Energy Science.pdf

6 Sustainable Health ‐ Tackle Disease by Chemistry

6.1 Disease Detection and Diagnosis 2022-5-4
Chen, Yu‐Ju

6.2 Peptide and probe chemistry in Diseases 2022-4-13
Huang, Joseph Jen‐Tse

6.3 Drug Development 2022-5-25
Li, Wen‐Shan
6.4 Emergent nanomedicine & diagnostic platforms 2022-5-18
Tu, Hsiung‐Lin
7 Information Sharing 2022-6-1
Hung, Chen-Hsiung